GitHub maintenance after short absence

Recently, due to moving house and having the Christmas period I have been lacklustre in keeping my GitHub account up to date. So I have done some maintenance. All tickets and issues on my repositories have been responded to, closed, or resulted in bug fixes, which are now in progress. Also, I have responded to … [Read more…]

Glyphy v2.1 – AdMob integration

Version 2.1 of Glyphy was released into the Google Play store on the 19/04/2016. This version has AdMob integration enabled. This is my first attempt at monetising Glyphy. Planned features for the future: Download translated text as an image A link to the app in the play store:

Laravel Spark released

Great news yesterday, 15th April 2016, Taylor Otwell released Laravel Spark. This was earlier than the earlier stated release date of the 19th. Laravel is an MVC framework for PHP. Its relatively new when compared to other frameworks like Code Igniter. Laravel Spark, created by the same person who created Laravel, is a paid solution, … [Read more…]

Glyphy v2.0

Glyphy version 2.0 was released on the app store this evening. The app is now built on the ionic framework and uses Google material design concepts as a basis for user experience and design. I originally planned to redevelop the app using PhoneGap but after research decided to go with ionic due to the advanced … [Read more…]